lunes, 6 de octubre de 2014

COMPRAS: Buying in sheinside for autumn

I speak some times about this page that actually has nice things and very good price as well if you sign up with your facebook will do a 20% discount on your first order and send you the email by 15% for next orders . And best of all, the delivery cost is free! What more can we wait for!!??
Some months ago i bought this dress for only $20 including shipping cos


I've always liked dresses whit buttons and really wanted one for quite some time, has a very nice and seems to be very comfortable, the idea is to combine it with my black wedge boots and new media cane and a denim jacket for work or with a dark brown leather pumps to go out with friends for a drink and a mini sweatshirt waist knit ideal for the fall before it gets cold.  

And looking for this perfect red coat!!!! PERFECT FOR AUTUMN

While I'm looking for a dress i can see a lot of other thing very very beautifulls and possible i will buy someone in the future... Some perfect dress for the autumn.... have a nice day!!!

 I leave to you the website page or if you do click on each photo will take you directly to the page of the article.

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